JoePatient has been developed with the single-minded focus of providing the patient consumer important healthcare guidance whenever that need may arise and wherever they may be.

JoePatient's founder is Steve Makela. In 1992, Steve departed Humana Inc where he served as Director of Strategic Planning and founded Data Advantage Corp, a leading healthcare data company that over the ensuing years compiled a database of more than 100 million hospital bills.

This database was analyzed for variations in treatment patterns by medical staffs providing large hospital chains, drug companies and even the Federal Government valuable information.

Data Advantage was eventually sold to National Care Network. Now JoePatient is being created to satisfy a personal conviction that patients would benefit when empowered more directly with important information regarding their healthcare options.

Our Purpose

To become the preferred source of comparative health care information – known and respected for our objectivity and trustworthiness – by providing consumers healthcare provider information whose value is greater than that available elsewhere in the marketplace.

Our Values


Continuous improvement in our products, services and processes is the cornerstone of our daily work. We will master new technologies vital to our continued success.


Our success is dependent on moving forward. We will constantly challenge the status quo, address inequities in the delivery of healthcare.


We will encourage a healthy balance between work and home lives. We will support the opportunity for staff to serve the broader community.


We will treat all personal interactions with respect and dignity. We will empower staff to make decisions for the benefit of our users.


We encourage and reward individual and team performance. We will discuss errors with candor.

Our Core Competencies

  • Ability to turn raw healthcare data into consumer information.
  • Ability to manipulate large, complex healthcare databases.